Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Sky is Blue

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Sticking with the superhero topic, Captain Obvious should have been the press agent to break the news to the world about Lance Bass this past week. With risk of being cliche, who didn't see THAT coming!? I mean, were you really surprised? If so then you might be interested in these warning labels.
Hot coffee will scald your crotch? Defrost a frozen dinner before eating? Are you telling me I can't blowdry my hair in the shower? A member of N'sync is gay? Well shut my mouth!

I guess it won't be too long before this group will have to modify their signs and add N'sync to God's hate list. This is about the only Christian group the ACLU has stood beside and defended in recent memory, not in support of their irrational beliefs (which their member and spokesman Michael Gross has admitted) but for their right to speak them. They've stood up for these people who proclaim such nonsense with no consideration of civil responsibility, restraint, nor respect. We all have civil rights and the primary right being that of freedom of speech. But just because I have the right to say something does not mean I should; especially in such a close proximity of a fellow citizen's funeral ceremony. My suggestion to the Westboro Baptist Church is if God is going to hate Lance Bass it should be because he was in N'sync....not because he is gay.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sursum, sursum, et absens!

Supervillain Threat Category

I came across an interesting website yesterday while googling. It's called The Government Bureau of Superheroics
It makes for an entertaining read-especially the Top 10 "Most Nefarious Supervillains list. You can also register your very own secret identity: Superhero name, place of origin, secret powers, etc. If you do, make sure you keep it a secret. You never know who is out there looking to take your little old aunt or hot model girlfriend hostage and hold her for ransom!!! muuaahhhaaa-haa-hhaaa!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Case of the Mondays

Today marks the beginning of week #3 at my new job. I'm back in the shirt, tie, and slacks routine again. For those who do not know, I have moved back home and taken a position with State Farm Insurance in Nashville. I will be this agency's Life and Health specialist. Imagine that, me, a specialist. Sounds serious doesn't it? I have my own desk, although it's not in a cubicle, which disappointed me at first. I always wanted to be like Dilbert, or better yet, Peter Gibbons in Office Space. But I kinda feel more like Milton Waddams. I have my own Swingline stapler, black not red. I'm in the back of the office at a desk stuck between 2 filing cabinets. i have a big calculator, a mesh wire cup full of red and white state farm pens, this nifty HP Compaq PC, a HP Deskjet color printer, let's see what else?.....oh a phone and an electric heating base for a scented candle which is curiously absent. I will eventually move into the office presently occupied by Elaina, our Life and Health Specialist. The office building isn't too big; there's only 4 of us here. I am the only guy here and on my 2nd day our toilet pipes backed up....and who gets the blame?....good ole Ichthy! They told me my tampons were the cause.....but I told them I haven't had a period in 30 years. I'm outnumbered though. I DO get to listen to some interesting conversations I got that going for me. I'm still commuting from my parents' house about 75 miles west of here. I plan on doing some apartment hunting this weekend. I'm afraid I will have to seek a roommate to help split the cost, at least for a short while. Overall everything is going pretty well on this side of the river. But, it's monday and I'm, i'm, I'm irritated. I need to wrap my head in some duct tape because the following topic just bothers me so much it makes my head explode!

Remember Mike Iaconelli, the professional bass angler I wrote about last month? He's back in the news, this time Hollywood is in on the deal. Mike says, "The interesting thing is, and this is what I love about the movie, is how stereotypical non-fishing people are about fishing," said Iaconelli. "I had comments from people who didn't know the first thing about our sport: 'Do you wear the rubber boots?' and 'Is it like the crabbing thing on TV?' So they know, but they don't, it's an education. That's what is awesome about this film. If we can create a film and get it to people who don't really know how exciting bass fishing is. That's awesome."
No it's not, Mike! I would rather the public go on thinking professional anglers are just a bunch of rednecks "wearing rubber boots" and spouting off trite phrases such as "nice fish" and "get the net, Bubba!". Mike Ike is, as my Trivia and Blogging peer Fer puts it, "like school in the summertime=NO CLASS". His on the water behavior is nowhere near representative of the traditional, modest, conservative nature of the pioneers of this sport. Even this past spring, Iaconelli threw a temper tantrum during bass fishing's largest event, the Bassmaster Classic (sort of like the PGA Masters of bass fishing). He kicked and broke a light pole on his boat as well as swearing loudly-loud enough for the ESPN camera crew to pick it up on tape. This unsportsmanlike behavior casued him to be disqualified for the first day of the 3 day event. I do not want young kids and adults viewing any show portraying such immature and unrestrained behavior. Thanks, Fox, for jumping in head first right behind ESPN and swallowing this guy's crap "hook-line-and sinker". TV programs and the movie industry in general have gotten so out of hand the last few years; they stink worse than catfish bait left out in the July sun. There's too many reality shows out there just hoping to get some kind of shock value for nothing more than a couple of ratings points. Whatever happened to the good TV shows like The A-Team, The Cosby Show, MacGuyver, and Hill Street Blues? There you have good clean quality entertainment: Action( A-Team and MacGuyver), Family values/comedy (Cosby~Full House), and Cop Drama with integrity (Hill St. Blues) I'm so pissed right now I could spit!