Friday, January 26, 2007

Jim Gaffigan

I came across some nature videos narrated and commented by Jim Gaffigan. I thought I'd share a couple I thought were the funniest. I laughed myself to tears watching these.
Our Massive Planet (monkeys)

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Our Massive Planet - the wonderful world of whales

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

All Evil Things....

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Boy, the way Gentle Giant played. High Scores that Chris put on the arcade.

Guys like us, we had it made. Those were the days.

Didn't need no welfare state. Everybody pulled his weight.

Gee, old table 7 was great. Those were the days.

And you know who you were then. Girls were Gilmore and men were men.

Mister, we could use a round with sports again.

Our rivals never were content. We marked our bills to represent.

Freak host teams we did resent. Those were the days.

Take a little Tuesday spin, go to watch Evil Petting Zoo win.

Have yourself a dandy meal that cost you under a fin.

Filmwise was easy and audio rounds were long. Roy Acuff really sold a song.

We raised the bar for O so long. Those Were The Days.

In just about 3 and a half years of P&H trivia tuesdays Evil Petting Zoo racked up 18 3rd place finishes, 20 2nd place finishes, and 33 1st place victories.

They accumulated $4863.50 and a $30 P&H gift Certificate.
Placing in the money a total of 71 times.

All records that will stand the test of time. And we did it all without Human Growth Horomone or Steroids.

It started when Kenan and Chris decided to create a team that would, in Kenan's words, "dominate and destroy". And that they did.
Kenan, Chris, Greg, Jeanine, Brian, Stacy, Katherine, Dan, John, and myself all did our part to carry out Kenan's mission.

Some of the best memories I have are shared with these friends at table 7.
The number 1 rule at table 7 was "no moisture". If anyone observed moisture on the table you must "wick away!".

Brian was daring enough to brave the garbage heap in the adjacent parking lot to aquire 2 yellow chairs which we used each week to fill out our table. To this day those chairs remain in the back of the P&H pool table area....marked with "EPZ".

One night Chris, Kenan and I took on the other teams alone...and nearly put up the perfect score. We correctly answered 59 out of 60. Our knowledge of the Trevi Fountain was the only thing standing in our way from certain immortality. I still say we subconsciously missed that question on purpose as to show mercy on the other teams. Even evil has mercy, right?

There wasn't much we couldn't tackle. Geography? No problem; Stacy, Brian and Kath were on it.
Movies? Greg the cinemapprentice is on the case. Presidents, TV sitcoms, comic book characters, the brady bunch, baseball-- Chris is there. Literature, Gilmore Girls, music...Jeanine and Kenan would knock it out. Politics, current events, memphis news....John was all over it. Shakespeare?....Dan's the man. Football, sci fi, filmwise, potpouri...that's me. When we couldn't come to a concensus the sweet-n-low ballot was there to make the tough decisions.

I'll never forget Greg's birthday cake. I've never seen corn dogs like that!

Chris and I would celebrate a victory or ease our pain of losing with a post trivia Galaga romp. One night we witnessed some dude make our exploits seem bush league by scoring over 500,ooo points and going over round 50. The gentle giant felt small that night.

Like any "good" evil team member would do, Dan branched out and started up his own evil team. The Fresh Prince of Darkness. Alas, its life was short and its sting only brief.

If we didn't know an was probably William Shatner....or Roy Acuff.

So if you ever are in the midtown memphis area at a gas station and the clerk gives you some change and the dollar bill as "EPZ" somewhere on the'll know where it came from. Good fortune will follow you.

Evil Petting Zoo has retired. Feel free to check out the legacy we left via my links.
All evil things must come to an end? Someday we'll get together and ride again. Every great group does.
May the Tiki man bless you!